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Lalit Modi has strongly criticised parties that have expressed concern over the security situation at the IPL, including the Federation of International Cricketers Association and Ricky Ponting.

"We will not be dictated by players associations where to play. DLF IPL will be played in India," Modi posted on his Twitter account, in reaction to safety concerns raised by an independent report commissioned by the players' unions in England, South Africa and Australia, which suggested moving the IPL outside India.

The report, written by the England team's security adviser Reg Dickason, said there was a credible terrorist threat to the IPL. The Australian Cricketers' Association had decided to formulate a set of security demands for IPL organisers, following a meeting between Australian players in which Ricky Ponting had apparently clashed with IPL regulars Matthew Hayden, Adam Gilchist and Shane Warne.

"[I've] been told Ricky Ponting is pressuring players not to come. Maybe it's due to the fact he was dropped from KKR," Modi tweeted.

Modi said that individual players could choose to stay away from the IPL, but such a move could risk their future association with the event. "We will allow replacement for those who decide not to show up. They risk being in future IPLs. The call will be theirs. If a few players play into the hands of the FICA and not show up, no issues.

"We allow only four international players per team. [If a] few miss, no issues. We have great talent in each team. More opportunity for replacement to others. We have 98 players on the waiting list eager to get called in for replacement."

Modi refused to recognise the FICA and was critical of the various players' associations that were bringing up security concerns to "arm-twist" the IPL. "I have been sent messages through various quarters to entertain FICA president Tim May. Unfortunately we do not recognise FICA or any agents," Modi tweeted.

Modi cited examples of sports events currently being hosted in India, such as the India-South Africa series, the hockey World Cup and the upcoming India-Australia series that have not come under security threats like the IPL has.

"South African players are touring India as we speak - security is fine for them now as provided by the Indian government. Australia tour India in October - will the Australian Cricketers' Association dictate them not coming then? Doubt it," Modi tweeted.

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