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Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman, has said he will attend Monday's meeting of the league's governing council. Modi, whose position is in the balance following a barrage of charges against him, has released an agenda for the meeting that includes a request for all complaints to be supported by documents.

"On the agenda, will be a discussion on any complaints received in writing from members of the governing council against the chairman, other members of the council and/or the BCCI. Members of the governing council have been requested to give all such complaints in writing with the requisite supporting documents at the meeting to the chairman so they can be replied in full," Modi's statement said.

Modi's decision to attend the meeting, which he first made public on his Twitter feed, is a surprise given that he had indicated he would stay away. It came about even as senior officials in the BCCI were huddled in meetings deliberating on his fate.

There are attempts being made, Cricinfo has learned, to persuade Modi to resign - the other option is to sack him, which would be a far more messy process and would entail scrutiny of financial documents relating to the current controversy.
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