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Settlement in Shoaib Malik case

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The controversy surrounding Shoaib Malik, the former Pakistan captain, appears to have moved a step closer to resolution on Wednesday with the announcement that he had filed for divorce from Ayesha Siddiqui, whom he had married seven years ago, and her family saying they would withdraw a police complaint filed against him.

This paves the way for Malik to go ahead with his marriage to Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis player, in Hyderabad next week.

The announcement - which followed five days of negotiations - was made at a press conference at Ayesha's house and attended by representatives of the Mirza and Siddiqui families, though the three principals were absent. Shafi, Sania's uncle, said the complaint against Malik would be withdrawn - an application has already been filed with the police - and in turn he would pay Ayesha maintenance under Islamic law.

"I am very happy about it", Ayesha's mother said. "All community leaders have come to him (Shoaib) to do the settlement and he has done it. Finally justice has been done to my daughter."

On Monday, Hyderabad police said they had registered a complaint of cheating, harassment and intimidation filed by Ayesha against Malik.

Malik admitted, at a public appearance the same day, that he had married Ayesha but claimed it was done on the phone, he had never met his wife and that the photographs sent to him did not match the person who later claimed to be his wife.

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